Mobile rulezz 2014 conference

Being one of a very few companies, that develops eyewear applications, we were invited to the Mobile Rulezz 2014 conference - as a presenter as well as a speaker. We partnered up with vestigen.com, a company which pioneers the field of sensor technology and develops portable mobile diagnostic devices, and hence created a wonderful showcase of modern mobile technology.

Parallel to Mobile Rulezz conference 2014, a competition is held, where companies and freelancers may take part with their best applications within multiple categories.

Bonetics.com - Ocenenia na Mobilerulezz 2014
fig. 1 – Bonetics.com - Ocenenia na Mobilerulezz 2014

We have signed up with our eyewear applications for Google Glass and Vuzix and the results were remarkable:

   • 1st place in branded apps

   • 1st place vox populi

   • 1st place gadget apps

   • 2nd overall place - application developer of the year

Our creativity spans over multiple fields. As a presenter at the conference, for instance, we had to come up with print design solutions as well - check the created roll-ups for yourselves:

Vestigen & Bonetics roll-ups
fig. 2 – Vestigen & Bonetics roll-ups

For on-screen presentation we have created short video spots to showcase bonetics.com and vestigen.com:

And vestigen.com:

Last, but not least, we have held a short presentation about the most modern mobile trends with emphasis on eyewear technology and its future.

This wonderful post was written by Pavol Soviš